With the diversification of wedding themes, wedding invitations have also become more and more endless, with a small yellow starfish decorated with a network of yarn bows, so that your wedding invitations are full of creativity and lovely scores. With a simple bow tie tied to the happiness of passing, slowly opened, you can feel the happiness of the bride and groom. The simple and gorgeous palace-style wedding invitations will reminiscent of the beautiful sentence of “The Prince and Princess live happily ever after.”

In the era of individuality, there are still many brides and grooms who like to use traditional colors as the theme color of the wedding. If you want to seek innovation in traditional wedding wedding invitations, then you should be satisfied with the wedding invitations with flower shading materials. The tradition is not only generous, novel, and fresh.

If the bride and groom want a low-key wedding or prefer a simpler, or choose the bride and groom who are married in the fall, they can choose some pure-colored temperament and simple wedding invitations. Without the gorgeous appearance, they can feel the warmth of happiness. The handwriting feels infinite romance.