English short sentence tattoo can be said to be a very popular tattoo pattern in the past two years. Roman numerals are matched with the English letters of the same font. It is simple and suitable for both boys and girls. The stag antlers are matched with the English characters, and are recommended for boys with clean and fresh styles. Girls with neutral winds are also good.

Feather English short sentences are also recommended for girls of neutral style. Colored inks add a touch of flavor to ordinary English phrases, and are recommended for boys who don’t want to be too old to play lively. The design of the phoenix flower can reflect the feminine beauty of the girl.

If you think that the monochrome elk is monotonous, this watercolor gradient watercolor deer is very suitable, and the English phrase is just right. The tree of life is round, and some handwritten fonts are also selected on the English font. English tattoos, boys and girls are very suitable, exquisite and compact, the most simple English short sentence tattoo, suitable for anyone.