As an indispensable food in western food, salad has become more and more variety with the increasing production of raw materials and the family of production methods. Fresh lettuce, boiled vegetables, fish, meat, and of course more fruit, can be the main ingredient of salad.

Even with the same main ingredient and several ingredients, a slight change, such as cutting and changing the ingredients, will turn into another salad. There are a lot of salads made in a simple way, the visual effects are peculiar and the taste is good.

The salad is made from a variety of cool clinker or raw materials that can be eaten directly into smaller shapes, then added with seasonings or topped with various cold sauces or cold sauces. However, the raw materials must be fresh and tender and meet the hygiene requirements. Most of the salads have the characteristics of bright color, beautiful appearance, fresh and refreshing, and appetizing.